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Mr Victor Rikhotso Founder/ Director
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The Biography
The following are snippets of Victor’s Rikhotso life story taken from his upcoming autobiography, “Barefoot” Book author: Nenio Mbazima
1.  Me Earlier Life My   name   is   Victor   Makamone   Rikhotso,   I   was   born   in Pretoria    inside    my    grandmother’s    house,    and    a    few days   later   my   mother   returned   back   to   Malamulele   (Ka Xigalo   at   Mphakati)   with   me   in   the   Limpopo   Province   of south Africa. The   reason   I   was   born   in   Pretoria   was   because   my mother   was   visiting   her   mother-   my   grandmother.      I have   noticed   that   some   heavily   pregnant   women   like   to take long trips, which I find a bit strange. If   you   are   a   woman,   and   have   done   that,   maybe   you can   help   enlighten   me?      While   sitting   right   there   inside my   mother’s   warm   womb,   I   wondered   where   she   was going   with   me   when   I   was   about   to   be   born.     To   this   day she had not explained why she took the trip. My   name   Makamone   is   a   Tsonga   name   and   means miracles   because   no   one   expected   her   to   go   into   labour on   that   day   since   she   was   working   rather   hard   than usual. 2.  My Family My   parents   gave   birth   to   four   children,   two   girls   and   two boys. My   father,   Mr   Albert   Hlengani   Rikhotso   was   the   bread winner   at   home.      He   used   to   work   for   Spoornet,   a   state owned   company.      The   salary   he   earned   was   very   low, which kept us forever struggling to make ends meet. 3.  Classroom Under The Trees I    attended    my    primary    school    at    Mphakathi    Primary School, a five minutes’ walk from home. The   school   was   underdeveloped,   we   used   to   have   our classrooms   under   the   shade   of   a   tree   and   during   the rainy    seasons,    learning    was    not    easy,    winters    were worse. Classrooms    were    only    reserved    for    senior    learners, those   doing   standard   three   to   five.      I   can   say   that   this did   not   make   sense   as   the   seniors   are   older,   therefore, stronger,     they     should     have     allocated     the     warm classrooms to the weak younger learners.
4.  Hatching up a Plan By    the    time    I    finished    my    high    school    education,    my parents    were    taking    care    of    my    elders,    which    means there   would   be   no   money   for   me   to   further   my   studies, this   caused   me   to   think   fast   and   hatch-up   a   plan   of   action so that I would be able to support my parents financially. I   was   fortunate   that   my   brother   popped   some   money   for me   to   study   paramedics   as   my   passion   was   to   save   lives.     I   did   my   paramedic   studies   in   Pretoria   and   at   the   age   of 21    years    old,    I    was    employed    by    the    Benoni    Fire Department   as   a   life   saver   and   fire   fighter   and   I   felt   that   I have   arrived   as   I   was   starting   to   earn   a   salary,   the   future was bright, I was able to support my parents. 5.  Losing my Mobility We    humans    are    expert    at    taking    everyday    things    for granted, especially our own bodies. I   was   born   with   mobility,   able   to   do   anything   with   my   legs like   everyone   else.      You   will   remember   that   I   mentioned growing   up   monkeying   around   with   my   peers.   All   that ended   In   2002   when   I   was   hit   by   a   bullet   at   the   age   of   24 years that put me on a wheelchair. 6.  Victor, You Are On Your Own Spending    24    years    able    to    walk,    jump,    kick    and    do anything   with   your   legs   and   then,   in   the   blink   of   an   eye, loss all of that, cannot be a smooth transition. I   had   the   hardest   time   adjusting.      It   were   obstacles   all   the way,   but,   I   was   a   man   with   a   mission.      I   refused   to   allow my   disability   to   stand   in   my   way.      My   mission   was   to conquer my disability, not my disability to conquer me. I   worked   hard,   pushed   hard   and   i   have   been   a   paramedic,   a    fireman,    a    manager,    a    director    and    now    I    am    a    budding businessman.
BAREFOOT From paramedic, manager and director to a budding businessman
Barefoot is a work in progress, be the first to purchase your own copy the moment it’s published.
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