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Mr Victor Rikhotso Founder/ Director
Vicky’s   Business   Trading   and   Projects   is   a   legally   incorporated      company   registered   in   the   Republic   of   South   Africa with the registration number 2011/129690/07 The   company   founder   saw   an   opportunity   in   the   fastest   growing   South   African   economy   and   decided   to   put   his business   skills   to   fruition.      The   aim   of   the   company   is   simple   and   clear;   To   provide   excellent   service   to   our   Customers, so that once you receive our services, you will return back for more. A   large   population   of   people   with   disabilities   are   unemployed,   and   since   the   company   founder   is   a   person   with   a disability   himself,   he   has   made   it   his   mission   to   provide   employment   opportunities   to   people   like   him   without compromising to quality of services. This   website   you   are   reading   was   designed   and   is   hosted   and   maintained   by   a   person   with   disability.      This   is   one example of how much Mr Rikhotso value uplifting people like him. MISSION The   mission   of   the   company   is   to   contribute   to   the   growth   of   the   South   African   economy   through   job   creations   by providing the highest quality of service that will results in the growth of the business. VISION: The   vision   of   the   company   is   to   develop   a   stable   business   with   sound   client   based   on   a   close   relationship   with   the government, private sectors and our communities. COMPANY OBJECTIVES Objectives:   The   company   is   committed   to   providing   services   of   consistently   high   quality   backed   by   our   pledge   to   leave trails   of   satisfaction   and   smiles   wherever   we   pass.      Our   company   believe   on   building   friendship,   this   will   ensure positive   referrals   for   us.      To   this   end,   we   are   committed   to   contributing   to   the   development   of   communities   through providing jobs and youth development. Our    long    term    commitment    is    to    have    our    own    social    responsibility    program    as    a    way    of    giving    back    to    the communities we serve.
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From a paramedic, a fireman, a manager, a director to a budding businessman.
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